With many common ailments you can care for yourself using medicines bought over the counter at a pharmacy - and you won't need a prescription. Easier, quicker, cheaper.

Changes to over the counter meds to help our NHS

We are asking local residents to help our NHS to free up millions of pounds for frontline services by buying their own medicines for short term ailments, over the counter at a pharmacy.

Many common ailments can be treated at home using medicines bought over the counter at a pharmacy – you don’t need a prescription. It’s easier, quicker, cheaper.

As a result, we are urging people to help the local NHS by buying some medicines from their local pharmacy or as part of their basic household grocery shop, and using them to self-treat minor illnesses rather than seeking a prescription through a GP appointment.

Read more about new national guidance being implemented across Coastal West Sussex which will stop the prescription of many over-the-counter medicines, unless there are exceptional circumstances.