Local estate strategy

The CCG is responsible for the strategic planning of NHS estate in CWS. This means the buildings that healthcare is provided from and where people access local health services.

It is important to note that the CCG does not own any NHS estate, and does not have any capital to invest in estate projects directly.

As part of this responsibility, the CCG leads the creation of a Local Estate Strategy.

Read the summary of the Local Estate Strategy.

Background to the strategy

The‘Transforming NHS Estate Programme Board’ (TEPB) was established to work on behalf of the CCG to update the existing Local Estate Strategy .

The Board was chaired by the CCG and had representation from provider trusts, local Councils, LCNs and a clinical lead.

The updated strategy reflects changes in scope, context and priorities since the original document, and to ensured the reissue was approved by the CCG Governing Body in July 2018.

A series of workshops were delivered during February, March and April to involve stakeholders in strategy development with a particular focus on planning estate requirements to meet the service need for the significant population increase planned for CWS over the next five to ten years.

The Strategy aims to set out the key drivers for change to healthcare estate within Coastal West Sussex, and how these may be delivered.

Read the summary of the Local Estate Strategy.

Next steps

An estate strategy is essential to the planning and provision of safe, secure, high-quality healthcare buildings, capable of supporting current and future service needs.

We recognise that a coherent estate strategy cannot be developed in isolation; rather, it needs to be an integral part of our service planning.

The key clinical strategies and service improvement plans referenced and supported by this strategy are primarily those described and illustrated within the signed off version of the Coastal Care Delivery Plan, and within the CCG's Business Plan.

We will work with all of our partners to look at the drivers for change and how we can best use NHS estate going forward.