Highdown Surgery closure

We recently sent out letters to all patients registered at Highdown Surgery inviting them to provide us with any feedback about arrangements for their future care.

We received a number of responses from patients, with many sharing their positive experiences at the practice. There were also a number of concerns raised by patients about their future care.

Please find below details of the most commonly raised concerns:

Repeat prescriptions

Several patients shared their concerns about the potential lack of continuity in receiving repeat prescriptions.

If you are still registered with Highdown Surgery, you will continue to be able to get your prescriptions from the surgery until the 27 July 2016. However, it would be advisable to speak to the practice as soon as possible to organise your next repeat prescription.

If you have already registered with a new practice, your patient records will be transferred to your new GP practice very quickly. The new practice will then be able to organise your future repeat prescriptions.

Many local pharmacies offer a prescription collection service. They offer to collect prescriptions from your GP surgery and have the medication readily available for collection at an agreed time at their premises. In special circumstances, they may also be prepared to deliver (e.g. to the elderly, disabled or housebound). If you wish to take advantage of this service, you can find out which pharmacies participate by phoning your usual pharmacy.

Can the CCG register me with a new GP practice?

Several patients made a request for the CCG to register them at a preferred GP practice.

Unfortunately, the CCG cannot register patients with a GP practice. Patients would need to approach their preferred GP practice directly, who can advise if you live within their boundary and what you need to do to register with them e.g. whether you need to bring identification and proof of your address when you attend to register with them.  You will also need to complete a registration form.

If you are having difficulty registering with a practice, please get in touch with the Primary Care Team on 01903 708 400 who will provide as much information as possible to facilitate your registration with a GP practice.

A list of alternative Worthing practices is available.

Patient transport

Several patients shared their concerns about travelling to a different practice and the need to attend a GP practice that is easily accessible by public transport.

Many of the Worthing practices are accessible via public transport. Please see a Worthing bus routes map for further detail.

Click the map for a large, readable version.

If you feel you require further assistance with access to transport, please see the Council website which has further details of accessible and community transport.

Patients outside of the boundary of their preferred practice.

Several patients shared that they lived outside the boundary of their preferred practice.

Patients would need to approach the preferred GP practice directly, who can advise if a patient lives within their boundary. If a patient lives outside of a practice boundary, but wishes to register with that practice, the decision will be made at the discretion of the GP practice.