Improving care for patients with diabetes

Project overview

We want to improve the care that patients with diabetes receive in Coastal West Sussex by developing a fully integrated, patient centred and equitable diabetes service. We are currently working with our partners to scope out a potential new model of care.

Currently, we are progressing this work through the:

  • implementation of the Year of Care philosophy in general practice;
  • development of a diabetes steering group.

Improving care for people with diabetes  - our survey

We would like to thank you for your contribution to our recent survey about diabetes care in this area, all 191 of you who took the time to tell us your views. We had a good response rate and we are currently reading through all of your comments to identify key themes in what you have told us, to maximise how the findings influence any service changes.

We hope to have a report of the findings available by the end of June 2017.

Year of Care

The Year of Care is a systematic approach aiming to provide person centred care, with a particular focus on care planning and the patient and health care professional working in partnership.  

We delivered initial Year of Care training covering just diabetes care in 2013. Refresher training has been arranged for all practices in October 2015 and the Year of Care training team aims to provide adhoc support for practices through the year. This refresher training will begin to support practices in implementing the Year of Care methodology for other long term conditions. This is a particularly important step as an increasing number of people now live with more than one long term condition and effective person centred care planning can be more efficient and can provide a better experience for patients.

For more information please visit the Year of Care website.

Diabetes Steering Group

We have developed a diabetes steering group to bring together all of the different providers of diabetes care across Coastal West Sussex. This includes Western Sussex Hospitals Foundation Trust, Sussex Community Trust, Public Health, CCG and primary care representatives.

The key objectives of the diabetes steering group are:

  • Enhance and build new relationships between clinicians and other professionals working with diabetes in Coastal West Sussex;
  • Develop and agree a model of integrated diabetes care;
  • Upon mobilisation of the agreed model, troubleshoot and work through any issues.

To find out more about the diabetes steering group, please refer to the Terms of Reference document.