Improving community services in Midhurst

The NHS and wider partners are working together to improve health and care services in and around the Midhurst area.

It follows the temporary closure of the Bailey Unit at Midhurst Community Hospital to new admissions in June 2018.

That decision was made by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT), which has been managing the beds, as a result of emerging concerns about the quality of care that the Trust was able to provide.

SCFT has continued to provide community nursing support, specialist nursing and talking therapies to people in the Midhurst area and the Trust has re-provided community beds in Midhurst and across the area.

The Local Community Network which covers the Midhurst area has been looking at the long term options for community services in this area and how health teams could work more effectively to best meet the needs of local people.

Knowing the local population

To understand how health services could best support people in and around the Midhurst area we have reviewed the latest data to see how current services are being used.

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Key headlines include:

  • Riverbank Medical Centre is based in Midhurst
  • Riverbank Medical Centre and Petworth are within 15 mins travel time of Midhurst
  • There are four other GP practices in the surrounding area that would enable a total patient population of circa 50,000 patients for any future model of services
  • In 2017-18, there were 198 people admitted to Midhurst Community Hospital beds during the year
  • There were more local people admitted to the beds as a ‘step up’ support than from elsewhere in Coastal West Sussex, but fewer people that were discharged to the beds at Midhurst Community Hospital from Midhurst than elsewhere in Coastal West Sussex
  • On average the beds were 80% filled to capacity within the ward during the year.

Next steps

The Local Community Network, led by local doctors, has been visiting other services around the country to see how a new way of services working could improve local care.

One of the possible ideas being explored is the concept of a frailty hub approach where GP practices, community services and the voluntary sector come together to work in an integrated way to better support that need help the most.

Examples of this are already working around the country and we have been looking at those services to see if they would improve local care for people in and around Midhurst.

There will be a number of opportunities to get involved in this work and help us to shape the future of health and care in this area.

If you are interested visit our Getting Involved section to find out more.