Mental health and learning disabilities

We believe that we should not consider a person's physical health, without thinking of their mental health or wellbeing. Similarly, if someone is experiencing mental health difficulties this often has an impact on their physical health.

As a result, we are committed to treating people as a person - taking into account both their physical and mental health.

We also want to ensure that people in Coastal West Sussex have access to high quality help and support - too often people are not supported effectively, excluded or marginalised from maintstream services because of their mental health need or a learning disability.

We are committed to changing this to ensure that people living with mental health needs or learning disabilities have access to seamless health and social care services that reduce inequalities and are able to offer excellent outcomes.

How will we do this?

We commission services for mental health and learning disability through joint arrangements with the West Sussex County Council (WSCC) Joint Commissioning Unit.

We use our shared knowledge, the experience of local people, their carers and other voluntary groups to shape how we design local services so that we can truly ensure equitable access and outcomes for all of our population.

We will drive these improvements in outcomes by:

  • Developing and improving prevention and early intervention support for people with mental health needs
  • Strengthening the provision of psychological therapies in primary care and developing  integrated psychological support in long term conditions management
  • Developing peer and personalised support  programmes to facilitate greater empowerment and recovery
  • Specifically ensuring greater integration between health and social care for people living with dementia
  • Improving the provision of early dementia diagnosis and post diagnosis support 

To achieve this we will commission specific mental health services and with commissioning partners so that we have:

  • A high quality system of mental health support, care and treatment which is strongly integrated with the wider health and social care system
  • A system which is focussed on prevention, early intervention and achieving positive outcomes and recovery for customers and patients
  • Excellent quality and cost effective services and to continue to offer choice and control through personal budgets

For people with learning disabilities we will:

  • Continue to work on improving health and well-being and advice and information offer  for adults with learning disabilities
  • Enhance specialist support to universal and acute healthcare to ensure adults with learning disabilities get good healthcare and are safe in  hospital
  • Integrate health and social care specialist community services for adults with learning disabilities to ensure integrated assessment, care planning and review
  • Develop and improve services for adults with autism
  • Continue to develop the market for day activities and supported living, as well as nursing and residential home services to offer more personalised services

This will mean that we have:

  • Services which promote and maintain health, independence and wellbeing through the provision of prevention, well-being  and health services which are equipped to meet  individual needs
  • Excellent quality and cost effective services and to continue to offer choice and control through personal budgets
  • Improve the experience for families of children and adults with learning difficulties who need support throughout their lives