Pan-Sussex documents

West Sussex Better Care Fund Plan

The Better Care Care Fund is a new single, shared budget between health (NHS) and social care that is designed to bring about closer working to deliver better services for the population of West Sussex.

West Sussex Better Care Fund Plan

West Sussex Dementia Framework

It is estimated that there are 13,000 people living in West Sussex with dementia, and that this is set to grow by 14% by 2017, with a further 26% increase by 2021.

This growth is happening at a time of significant reductions in public sector funding and we need to develop new ways to support people to live well with dementia. 

West Sussex Dementia Framework 2014-19

West Sussex Joint Commitment to Friend and Family Carers 2015-2020

The West Sussex Joint Commitment to Family and Friend Carers report sets out how organisations will work together to identify and support carers in West Sussex. It sets out the main priority areas for health and social care over the next five years, in the support of carers.  These priorities are detailed within the reports itself and also included on our 'Our commitment to carers' page

West Sussex Joint Commitment to Friend and Family Carers Report 2015-2020

West Sussex Mental Health Strategic Framework

This framework sets out how we will work across West Sussex with our colleagues in the local NHS and at West Sussex County Council to transform mental health care for local people, responding directly to what people have told us they want and need, commissioning earlier, less stigmatised support and more consistent and effective secondary mental health services.

Strategic framework for mental health commissioning 2014-19