Safeguarding adults and children training

Level 1 and 2 safeguarding adults and children training

These sessions cover both level 1 and level 2 content.

The learning outcomes of these sessions are:

  • Awareness of safeguarding legislation and guidance
  • Understand and apply the principles of safeguarding
  • Understand the impact of parental / carer factors
  • Know what to do if you are worried about a child or an adult
  • Know the importance of sharing information
  • Recognise indicators of possible harm and the factors that may increase the risk of harm.
  • Recognise an adult who may be vulnerable to harm or at risk of significant harm
  • Be able to refer as appropriate to Social Services if safeguarding concerns are recognised
  • Work in a manner that minimises the risk of abuse
  • Awareness of the PREVENT Strategy
  • Awareness of the Mental Capacity Act

Currently available level 1 and 2 sessions:

No level 1 and 2 safeguarding adults and children training sessions are currently scheduled, you can complete the online training as an alternative.

Level 3 safeguarding children training

The learning outcomes of this sessions are:

  • Consider neglect of children, the short and longer term implications and relevant practice issues.
  • Develop further understanding of domestic violence and confidence in routine enquiry where appropriate.
  • Become updated with local developments in safeguarding children.
  • Explore case studies with peers to enhance confidence in safeguarding children practice
  • Knowledge of local multi-agency safeguarding adults’ arrangements and procedures.
  • Draw on professional knowledge and expertise to identify signs of harm or abuse.
  • Ability to undertake or contribute to safeguarding enquiries, assessments and the gathering and sharing of information in line with Sussex Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures.
  • Understand the principles of information sharing, confidentiality and consent in relation to adults at risk of harm or abuse.
  • Awareness of the implications of legislation, inter-agency policy and national guidance.
  • Have an awareness of the PREVENT Strategy
  • Understanding of and ability to make appropriate referrals to a Multi- Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC)

Currently available level 3 sessions:

No level 3 safeguarding children training sessions are currently scheduled.

Safeguarding adults and children training

Safeguarding adults and children training is mandatory and must be completed every three years. You can undertake training via e-learning (on Consult OD for CCG staff) or attend one of the following face-to-face sessions.

  • Level 1 sessions are for all administrative staff in primary care and the CCG.
  • Level 2 sessions are for:
    • practitioners that have regular contact with patients, their families or carers, or the public
    • Medicines Management staff
    • Safeguarding Team administrators
  • Level 3 sessions are face-to-face and can be booked below, taking place three times per month in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex. They are for:
    • clinical staff in primary care and the CCG who see patients alone or are assessing/planning/evaluating the needs of adults or children, where there may be safeguarding concerns.
    • GPs and nurses are required to undertake level 3 training as a minimum.
  • Level 4 sessions are required for named GPs in line with the intercollegiate document. Further details about sessions can be obtained from the Safeguarding Team.
  • Governing Body members are required to undertake specific safeguarding training relating to their statutory responsibilities. A tailored training package is delivered face-to-face encompassing level 1 knowledge, skills and competencies, as well as Governing Body level specific training, including partnership arrangements, policies, risks and performance indicators, staff’s roles and responsibilities in safeguarding, and the expectations of regulatory bodies in safeguarding. Further details about sessions can be obtained from the Safeguarding Team.

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Prevent training

Prevent training is online only and can be accessed via Consult OD. This includes:

  • Prevent basic awareness for all staff.
  • Prevent level 3 (WRAP3) must be completed every three years by:
    • all clinical staff (registered nurses)
    • GPs